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2018年1月9日 : Cucumber white frames, collagen, Chondroitin contained plenty of plump your skin glowing

2017December 23 - : Hot pot style chop suey one wonton noodles warmed up!-!.

2017December 22. : Atsu, Atsufukahire Rice 800.Delicious, Tamannai🎵

2017年9月8日 : Of recruitment in the luxury of friends
Of recruitment in the luxury of friends
How to become a member, the
Dumplings independence services
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Chinese cooking gorgeous Palace located in Aomori city(Policy phone)While not consumed in your affordable and delicious national cuisine(One dish, noodles, rice dishes, Dim sum, osechi-ryori, banquets, etc.)For meals at its most delicious seasonal ingredients and cooked up the offer.
In addition, it offers various lunch boxes and lunch meetings.
The banquet from 3000 Yen(With unlimited drinks)Will be available. Alone or as couples, groups and fit the families can be accommodated in any way. Charter corresponds up to 50 people, so please feel free to contact us.

 "Luxury Palace(Policy phone)The friends "of being accepted!

Is now a luxury Palace "Friends of the luxurious Palace"In seeking membership.
To members members only to special information via e-mail to let we.
Registration is free, no membership fees, no.
To register for the1 dish service dumplingswe are in the future.(Please provide the complete email)

お問い合わせはこちら TEL 017-726-5972 営業時間11時~21時・月曜定休