Inquiry about Chinese medicine namakosapuri great delight

Is it okay to take various medicines??

Namakosapuri Delight is not a medicine. Because it is a natural food, there are no side effects and there is no problem at all.

1Be sure to take a blood test after taking it for 10 months. The 100 liver number was improved to 40.
If the liver is good, it will be even better if you take everything better and continue to take it.
This is evidence that it has improved.

And the pain in the whole body disappears. Why do you accumulate a lot of waste products throughout your body over a long life?
Even if you take a bath, you can not wash it to the inside of your body. The waste product was detoxified.
The detoxification action of the ingredients front site A of the kumano is wonderful.
One in two Japanese die of colorectal cancer.
The food that enters through the mouth is only moisture and cass in the large intestine, where all nutrients are sucked up in the small intestine.
The moisture is also sucked up by the bladder, the stool becomes hard, the intestine becomes unsanitary, and the hotbed of accommodation and constipation
And polyps, it is said that colorectal cancer will become.

Starting with the teppen headache of the head, the pain disappears to the gout of the toe of the toe.
It is like taking continuously, making the body lighter and rejuvenating until your 30s.

What I felt here is that it is an waste product that accumulates in the cause inside of the body of the disease.
If you keep your body clean, disease is a saba.
By continuing the great joy of namakosapuri, you will be fine forever
I can do my own thing.
There is no trouble around you.
You can live energetically and happily every day.