And especially delicious dumplings.
-Food was good.
-CHOW Mein is love and eat every time.
-Tasty in a nice smile. Good words.
And a little family in volume is always used.
-Very good.
And always take my sister to Aomori. Portions are large and the taste like.
And it was delicious.
And very good restaurant.
And the staff were helpful.
-Authentic Chinese food even if it matches good.
-Bland and palatable. Good clerk.
And excellent taste. Excellent customer service.

 Frequently asked questions

Q:What brand name is rice?
A:Of local one Tsugaru Roman use.

Q:Shops are opened, many years?
A:今年(2017year)In 35 years, loved.

Q:Hors 折詰?
A:New year's osechi, various lunch boxes, lunch meetings are available.

Q:Japanese-style room?
A:1Japanese-style room on floor 20. Table seating is up to 45 people.

お問い合わせはこちら TEL 017-726-5972 営業時間11時~21時・月曜定休